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They are useful, versatile and look good: men's sports accessories for training and the city. Keller x offers you an impressive selection of the latest travel and sports bags, backpacks and much more. You can choose your personal favourites and order accessories from well-known labels directly online. Learn more!

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Must-haves for men

In many situations, men's accessories are almost as important as the clothes you wear on your body. Without a suitable bag, for example, it would be almost impossible to manoeuvre your laptop through the hustle and bustle of the city unscathed. It's the same when you're travelling. Here you urgently need a travel bag. A shoe shine kit for the road is certainly not a bad idea either. Our range includes accessories for the urban trendsetter. The special thing about these products is their sporty design. This goes perfectly with your sportswear and rounds off your outfit.

More than just style

Men want to look good. But they also attach great importance to solid quality. That's what you'll find in our products. The design is straightforward, often minimalist and largely without frills. The makers behind the sporty accessories limit themselves to the essentials, to which they attach a particularly high value. The result is highly functional men's accessories that offer you real added value. The bags and backpacks score with maximum space utilisation and a well thought-out arrangement of the compartments. The material of the practical models is of high quality and, depending on the raw material used, is water- and wind-repellent as well as easy to clean.

Accessories for the man of the world

The young design is striking and fits perfectly into the city. The globetrotter is sure to enjoy the practical extras. Clean and accurate, yet ultra-modern, the accessories immediately catch the eye. You'll cut a fine figure with these accessories on the platform or at the airport as well as in the gym or in the countryside. Your style is unmistakable and you combine casualness with noblesse. When you leave the urban area, the accessories are a reliable companion on all your adventures. Whether on the beach promenade in Bali or on a safari through the Kruger National Park - you carry all your essentials with you.

The pros and cons of sports accessories for men

Sportswear accessories for today's man are based on clever construction, compact, lightweight and durable. With all the pros, you're bound to ask yourself what the cons are. As with almost everything in life, there are those with accessories. For one thing, the ability to store many things in a space-saving and neat way is not always an advantage. It's far too easy to be tempted to pack more than you need. On the other hand, many extras are useful, but you also have to carry them. This applies to the shoe care set, for example.


  • clever design
  • Light weight
  • easy to clean
  • goes well with different styles of clothing
  • long service life
  • urban design


  • you might take too much with you
  • extras take up space

Find your favourites now

Are you specifically looking for sporty accessories? Keller x is the right address for you. The range in our online shop includes accessories not only for sport and training, but also for everyday life in the city. You'll look great with these stylish models. We offer you various products from world-famous labels. Simply choose the colour and design that you like best.