They`re useful, versatile and good looking: men`s sports accessories are great for training and for city life. Keller x offers a wide selection of the latest travel and sports bags, rucksacks and much more. Choose your favourites and order accessories by renowned labels online from the comfort of your home. Read more!

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Must-haves for every man

In many situations, men`s accessories are almost as important as the clothes you wear. Without the right bag, it`d be barely possible to get your laptop from A to B undamaged. This is also the case when you`re travelling - you definitely need a good travel bag here. Having a shoe cleaning brush with you on your travels isn`t a bad idea either. In our selection, you`ll find all of the latest urban trendsetters, but what makes these products special is their sporty design, which blends in beautifully with your sportswear and rounds off your outfit.

More than just style

Guys want to look good, but they also value solid quality - you`ll find this among our products. The design is clean, often minimalistic and mainly straightforward. The creators behind these sporty accessories have focussed on the essentials and have been gaining fame because of it. The result? Highly functional men`s accessories of countless value. The bags and rucksacks impress with their roominess and cleverly organised pockets and compartments. The material has been lovingly crafted into practical models that, depending on the fabric, are wind- and waterproof and easy to clean.

Accessories for globetrotters

The youthful design really catches the eye and it`s perfect for the city. Even globetrotters are sure to find these practical extras particularly appealing. Clean, precise lines yet highly fashionable, these accessories are real head-turners. Whether you use the accessories on your daily commute, for catching an aeroplane, for hitting the gym or for visiting the countryside - the style is unmistakable, it`s the seamless combination of a casual air and elegance. If you plan on leaving the urban jungle, your accessories will be a reliable partner for your adventures, whether they involve walking along Bali beaches or joining a safari tour of the Kruger National Park, rest assured that you have all of the essentials with you.

The pros and cons of men`s sports accessories

Men`s modern sportswear accessories are based on clever construction and are compact, light and long-lasting. Now that you`ve seen everything they can do, you`re probably wondering what the drawbacks are. Like almost everything in life, even accessories have their downsides. For one, being able to bring many things with you because you have a well-organised bag isn`t necessarily a good thing. It`ll be far too easy to bring too much gear along with you. Another point is that accessories are useful extras, but they need to be carried along with everything else you have on you - this could be the case with a shoe cleaning set, for example.


  • Clever construction
  • Low weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Match different clothing styles
  • Long product life
  • Urban design


  • You might take too much with you
  • Extras take up space

Find your favourites now

Looking for great sports accessories? Keller x is the perfect place to go. The selection on our online shop includes accessories that aren`t just for sports and training but for everyday life in the city too. You`ll be well equipped with stylish models in no time at all. We offer different products by globally renowned labels - just choose the colour and design you like most and order online.