Are you travelling a lot? Certain extras will make your journey easier. At Keller x, globetrotters and ambitious athletes will find a wide range of extras and accessories in the accessories online shop. Learn more!

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A great outfit alone is not everything. Matching accessories offer an additional practical benefit and make your life easier. We have a wide range of backpacks and travel bags in urban lifestyle design especially for travellers. Of course, you can't do without a way to transport your laptop. The range of bags is finely coordinated so that you get different models in the same design. Athletes are also often on the move and move from one tournament to another. It's worth taking a look at our range of sports accessories. Cutting-edge and always up to date, our products are a testament to our innovative spirit and creativity. They put you in the spotlight and are must-haves in the urban milieu.


It's the little extras that you appreciate so much. Maybe it's your favourite bag or a particularly comfortable backpack. And maybe your future favourites come from our online shop. We only stock products that impress with their high functionality and first-class workmanship. All accessories are thoroughly tested and come from renowned labels with a global reputation. The design, often simple yet ingenious, allows for the most diverse interpretations. You may come across your favourite accessories on your trip to New York, Hong Kong or Amsterdam. After all, people all over the world attach great importance to a trendy look. At the same time, you still embody individuality, because the accessories can be perfectly combined and your personal style can be reinvented again and again.


The travel and sports extras in our range are based on a well thought-out design. They are light and comfortable to carry. The backpacks fit your body perfectly. The bags are comfortable to hold. All products have been tested in practice and found to be good. Both natural raw materials and synthetic materials are used in the production process. Many products have water-repellent properties. Practical use also includes easy-care equipment. Functionality is the main focus for all other accessories. The icing on the cake, however, is the design. Most products sparkle with sophistication and yet are minimalist in design. Thanks to their special design, they can be excellently combined with different styles to create a completely new look.


For a practical person, sports accessories and travel accessories only bring advantages. Some pieces also bring disadvantages. If you take a shoe shine kit with you on your travels, you will naturally be tempted to use it. This may cause you extra work, but your appearance will be all the more glamorous for it. Spaciously cleverly designed bags with plenty of storage space will tempt you to fill them with all kinds of bits and pieces or simply travel for longer.


  • practical
  • easy to clean
  • clever construction
  • many great designs
  • easy to combine


Why make life difficult when it can be easy? Keller x offers a wide range of sporty accessories for added comfort and style. You'll find these little helpers in many fashionable colours. A regular visit to the online shop will keep you up to date. The designers of the big labels are constantly creating new and ever wackier products with even greater functionality. Whether minimalist or discreetly crazy - you're sure to find your favourites.