Do you like to travel often? In that case, you might find some little extras might help make your journeys easier. In the Keller x online shop, globetrotters and ambitious athletes alike will find a varied selection of accessories. Be it a practical travel bag, a modern rucksack or matching accessories to clean your shoes on the go - with us, you`re sure to find what you need among our large selection. Read more! Learn more!

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Everything you need

A cool outfit alone is not everything. Matching accessories offer practical uses and make life a little easier. We`ve put together a wide selection of rucksacks and travel bags in urban lifestyle designs specially for travellers. You also need a safe way to transport your laptop, of course. The bag selection is all made to match, which means that you can find different models in similar designs. Sportspeople who are often on the go and are travelling from one tournament to the next will benefit from taking a look at our selection of sports accessories. Always up to date, innovative and creative - the products we have on offer will get you right in the limelight and are must-haves for a city life.

Get on your travels with urban chic accessories

They may be small extras but they make a big difference! It might be your favourite bag or a particularly comfortable rucksack. You might find your next favourites in our online shop too. We`ve only added products that impress with top functionality and first-class craftsmanship. All of the accessories have been carefully tested by experts and created by globally renowned labels. The design - often simple and great - allows you to interpret the style however you like. Bring your favourite accessories everywhere, whether you`re travelling to New York, Hong Kong or Amsterdam, after all, a trendy look is appreciated all over the world. Show off your individuality by combining your accessories in unique ways and creating a personal style you can reinvent again and again.

Robust, long lasting and edgy

The travel and sports extras in our selection come with clever designs that make them light and comfortable to wear. The rucksack fit on your body perfectly, the bags are comfortable to carry in your hand and all of the other products have been tried and tested to guarantee their quality. Both natural raw materials and synthetic materials have been used in the production of these articles, and many of them come with waterproof properties. To ensure practicality, most of the products are easy to clean too. Functionality is the top priority when it comes to accessories, but the design is the cherry on the cake. The products in our shop irradiate elegance but have been kept minimalistic. Our special selection allows you to choose from several different styles and combine them into unique looks.

The pros and cons of accessories

For practical people, sports and travel accessories have all pros and no cons. But some products do have their drawbacks - bring a shoe cleaning kit with you on your travels and you`re likely to end up using it and making more work for yourself, but the result will be glistening, new-looking shoes. Take a roomy, well-organised bag with you and you`re sure to pack it full with many things you don`t really need, or simply travel for longer because you can bring all sorts with you.


  • Practical
  • Easy to clean
  • Clever construction
  • Many cool designs
  • Easy to mix and match


  • Lots of storage space leads you to taking too much with you

Chill on the go with trendy extras

Why make life more difficult if there`s an easy solution? On Keller x, there`s a varied selection of sporty accessories for comfort and style. You can find your helpful extras in several modern colours. Check the online shop regularly to keep up to date on the latest trends, as our partner designers are constantly working on new big label products with great functionality. Be it minimalistic or completely crazy, you`re sure to find a favourite new style with us.